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[icon] A Network of Southern California Gay-Straight Alliances
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Time:01:19 pm

Laramie Project

A play by Moises Kaufman

and members of the   Tectonic Theatre Company




In Laramie, Wyoming:


Matthew Shepard,

a young college student,

was found tied to a fence,

brutally beaten.


After five days fighting for

his life

in Poudre Valley Hospital,

he died.


This tragedy was induced

by hate,

because he was gay.


This is his story




March 30, 31 and April 1st

At the Mira Mesa High School Theatre


             $4.00 with ASB/ $5.00 without

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Subject:Mock Marriage Update
Time:02:53 am
Current Mood:accomplished
Mock ceremony held at high school

Same-sex rites protested


(photos at the bottom)

VICTORVILLE - At the same time 16-year-old Ceslie Garza was taking vows to love and honor her girlfriend in a mock ceremony in Silverado High School quad on a rainy Friday, protesters gathered outside the campus.

Five same-sex student couples, members of the Gay-Straight Alliance Club, exchanged wedding vows in mock rites organized by the student organization, sparking heated protests from other students, parents and elected officials.

On the eve of National Freedom to Marry Day, the couples "married' in the rain during the lunch periods on campus to demonstrate their support for gay marital unions, despite objections from many in the community.

The couples conducted the ceremony during a time when the issue of gay marriage is at the forefront of national consciousness. Several states have tried to ban gay unions, and President Bush has called for a constitutional amendment keeping marriages only between a man and a woman.

Ceslie wore a white wedding dress covered in words that have been hurled at her since she revealed that she is gay: "sinner,' "evil,' "deviant' and "queer.' Her friend and fellow club member, 17-year-old Richard Espinoza, walked her down the aisle.

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Subject:Local High School Holds Mock Gay Weddings/Protests To Follow
Time:02:49 am
This article was not only on the front page...but it was the main headline of our entire paper...our right wing living area strikes again...I plan on writing an opinionated article in response to some of the things in this and the questions that followed, I'll post that when I finish it...

Parents protest, but district attorney gives green light to Gay-Straight Alliance event Friday at Victorville school

Staff Writer

Six simulated gay weddings presented by student members of the Silverado High School Gay-Straight Alliance are scheduled for the school's two lunch periods on Friday.

Three couples -- two female and one male -- will say vows while another student officiates the ceremonies. The students then plan to address students about their support of gay marriage, alliance members said Wednesday.

"We're not hurting anyone by our actions," said Logan Vigdor, treasurer of the alliance. "We're not trying to promote homosexuality; we're promoting acceptance and tolerance."

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Time:06:38 pm
Hey everyone. I was wondering if anyone could help me out and give me a ride to this months YC meeting. I live in Huntington Beach (Orange County). I miss all you guys! I missed last months meeting (I was in the hospital) and I am hoping I can find a way to this one. If you can help me out please e-mail me at Justine.Halstead@gmail.com or IM me at Vaginjaette (aim)or JustinkyAzul (yahoo)
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Subject:Great local bands and a great cause! (x-posted)
Time:11:28 am
Current Mood:peacefulpeaceful

Click to see the full size version

The Scripps Ranch High School GSA is holding a benefit concert Friday, October 8th at the Mira Mesa Epicentre featuring Black Audio, Livid, TwoBuckShort, The Natives, Your Favorite Band, and The Human Killers. All proceeds from the event will benefit the SRHS GSA and go towards their future events this year including the day of silence, an event for the Transgender Day of Remembrance, as well as other activites to fight homophobia on their campus and in the community!

Friday, October 8th
7-11 PM
Mira Mesa Epicentre
8450 Mira Mesa Blvd

858-271-4000 for tickets

I'd love to see you all there!
Tyler Gallaway

The Scripps Ranch High School GSA brings together queer, questioning, and straight youth to fight homophobia actively on campus and in the community. We aim to create a safer environment for students by providing awareness education and advocating equal treatment of all sexual and gender identities. The GSA is also an outlet for members to talk about any concerning issues with confidentiality and support, and a fun place to meet new people during group outings.
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Time:05:36 pm
The Scripps Ranch High School GSA is proud to present:


a social event benefiting the fight against discrimination


-------------------LIVID-----------------YOUR FAVORITE BAND------------------------BLACK AUDIO
-----TWOBUCKSHORT----------THE NATIVES------------------------THE HUMAN KILLERS---------------

Friday, October 8th, at the Mira Mesa Epicentre (8450 Mira Mesa Blvd)

$8, tickets available for presale at the Epicentre box office, or contact Sky@Lydiard.org

please come out and show your support- it should be a fun show!
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Time:06:14 am

Check it out! I went to that conference last year...so much fun!! Is anyone going? I know I am. :)

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Subject:My High-School Club
Time:07:49 pm
Current Mood:dutiful
Greetings to everybody! My name is Paul.

I am starting a club at the highschool called "the String-BEAN club." (its acronym for "Student-Body club of Equality and Awareness, Now!") I come to you with this:

What are some things this club can do? I have thought alot about it...but would like some ideas. I know that this club would be a forum of open discussion on issues effecting the world and local community. I know that this club would take action to create awareness issues and to create a better community. I know we would watch, listen, and read important a progressive materials, then discuss them.

But I would like some ideas. What are some good things to discuss? I know already that GLBT rights, women's rights, political propaganda, ecological and environmental issues, the war on terror, and civil rights will be on the agenda. What are some places/things we can get a hold of to spark discussion/action? We will protest, demonstrate, perform publically to create awareness of anything we choose to participate in. I really want to take the minds of the members to a new level of global awareness, because its hard to maintain this kind of worldly vision living in this white, neo-con suburb in which we live. (Anaheim Hills, California)

Any information/ideas would be GRATELY appreciated!

Thank you very much!
the String-BEAN club of Canyon High

(x-posted all over the place)

PS: Yes, we will be participating in the Day of Silence this year (a few kids tried last year...but it wasn't many and nobody really cared)
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Time:12:44 pm
5th Annual San Diego Scouting for All Rally
Sunday, August 22 at 11:00 am

Organizers: Scouting for All/Balboa Park for All

The Scripps Ranch High School Gay-Straight Alliance provides a youth presence at the 2003 San Diego Scouting for All Rally.

+Celebrating the groundbreaking legal victory of the ACLU over the Boy Scouts' illegal sweetheart land lease of prime San Diego city property.

+Protesting the discriminatory policies of the Boy Scouts of America against gay and atheist youth and adults.

+Promoting public awareness of local and national issues.

+Validating ALL children for the beautiful individuals that they are.

+Signing petitions to end discrimination in the Boy Scouts of America.

+Providing information to taxpayers about what they can do to end discrimination in the Boy Scouts.

Educator Georgia Laris (my mom!) advocates for inclusive Boy Scouts policies at the 2003 Rally.

When: Sunday, August 22, 2004

Time: 11:00 AM to 12:30 PM

Where: The front of Boy Scout Headquarters, 1207 Upas Street (West of Park Blvd., North of the Zoo, on the northeast end of Balboa Park)

For more information:

Contact Howard Menzer,
Southwestern Regional Director Scouting for All


Mick Rabin
Scouting For All San Diego
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Subject:GSA Bonfire
Time:10:53 pm
Current Mood:busy
Who:  Anyone, and everyone.  Are they comfortable in an environment that is open and accepting of all forms of diversity?  Bring 'em.

What:  Bonfire!  It is being sponsored by the Marina and Western high school Gay Straight Alliances, but you in no way have to be involved with either groups, or GSA in general, to come.  Bring a friend, bring seven friends- the more awesome people we have, the better.

When:  Saturday, August 21st.  I will be there to start things up around 12 (and because I have nothing better to do) but we're expecting most to arrive around 4:30/ 5ish.  It ends around 10 or 11, or until they kick us off the beach.  :)  If you need to leave sooner, or come earlier, feel free to.  We're hoping this will be a pretty kick-back event. 

Where:  Huntington State Beach.  Parking is located near the intersection of Pacific Coast Highway and Main in Huntington Beach.  We'll be on the Jack's side of the pier (the right if you are facing the ocean.)  Look for rainbow flags!  If you can't find us,  or have any questions, you can call me (Crash or Mattye, whichever you prefer/can pronounce) on my celll: (714) 403-7452
UPDATE okay, so we're major nerds. there are no bonfire pits on the right side of the pier. so we'll be on the left.

Extra Info:  There are tons of places to eat in downtown HB, which is right across the street, so bring cash or food if you don't want to go hungry,  otherwise we'll have marshmellow, hotdogs, and all that good stuff for the bonfire.  Anyone who can bring wood to burn will be considered a god!  And yes, there will be responsible adults there. :-D 

hope to see you there, crash
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[icon] A Network of Southern California Gay-Straight Alliances
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